In this age of digital communication, so much of the internet is taken up by cyclical and cynical discourse centered around bigotry and ignorance. I've strove to carve our a peaceful and fun piece of the internet pie. In doing so I've made wonderful 'internet' friends and met colleges that share my passion for utilizing this young tool to build better spaces and reach across cultural and geographical borders. Below are some of the pieces of content that have come from these collaborations. 
Enter a pocket-sized dimension where all things nerdy exist in harmony. Host Gage along with co-hosts Jacob, Steven & Miguel meet weekly to discuss all things one can get nerdy about. From burritos
to music to video games and much more, the team gets deep into the things that drive
passionate communities & fans.

I'm incredibly iabout this podcast. I build all the Twitch stream overlays as well as the YouTube thumbnails. I've designed all the branding for the channel as well. This is a real passion project.
The Elden Three
An Elden Ring Let's Play Series featuring Gage Luke (aka LukeShot1st), Jacob Jones (aka OMGzus), & Steven Singer (aka TheSingerBro). Episode 1 is below. I edited the intro to this video and assisted with the editing of the overall cut. I also did the thumbnail art. 
NPD Invitational Fantasy Critic League 2024 Draft
Few things are nerdier than creating a fantasy video game publish league in the style of fantasy football. But hey... nerds have more fun. I'm proud of the production on this one. In collaboration with OMGzus, we created all the overlays, effects and OBS Studio assets for this video. 
Interrogation of Beauty
In this online review, I breakdown my experience with Sagmeister & Walsh's design book: Beauty. It's an earlier video of mine. But it's a good look at critiquing something I find beautiful. 
Storytelling in Documentary Photography
This was a video essay project I did to dive into an aspect of photography I wasn't all that familiar with. It was a great way to explore a blindspot in my photographic repertoire.  
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