Let's Create Something Special Together
Graphic Design is all about visual communication. Together we'll work to create a clear and visual representation of your project/company/campaign. I am here to provide the following services: 
Major Services
Other Services
• Branding & Logo Design
• Brand Integration & Marketing 
• Poster & Album Design
• Packaging & Label Design
• Business Set Design (Business Cards & Letterhead)
• Product & Web Photography
• Model Photography
• Photography Color Correction
• Template Site Design (Squarespace, Wix, etc.)
• Vectorizing Images
• Up-resing & Image improvement
• Social Media Content Creation (Twitter[X], Instagram, Tik-Tok)
• Twitch Stream Overlay Creation
• Youtube Thumbnail Creation
• Video Editing
My Resumé
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Key Clients
I've had the pleasure of working with a wide range of amazing clients. From major companies, to small businesses, cutting edge artists, to entrepreneurs, each experience has been unique and pushed my work forward in a myriad of ways. Below are some of my key clients and the services I provided.
The Good Collective

Services Provided:
- Catalog Design
- On Model Photography
- Jewelry (Print) Photography
- Jewelry (Web) Photography
- Web Design 
- Digital Web Store Feature Help
- Online Marketing 
- Color Correction (Photography)
Septentrio Wines

Services Provided:
- Brand Integration
- Print Design
- Wine Label Designs
Intentional Fitness

Services Provided: 
- Brand & Logo Creation
- Brand Integration
- Website design & Content Creation
- Business Card Design
- Interior Wall Design

Website by LukeMilo Design:

Green Monkey Cultivators

Services Provided: 
- Brand Integration
- Clothing Design
- Digital Map Creation for facilities
- Brochure & Print Design
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