Working with musicians is one of my favorite things to do. Bringing music to life with art & design is a passionate and truly creative act. When the design & the music harmonize, the project truly sings and creates a memorable piece of art that one wants to sit with while they listen and absorb. 
NITEPPL - Bad Magick
New Epoch EPs - Del Sur & That Was Then This Is Now
FC Publications One Night On Earth (Podcast)
Odd Valley Studios Neon Pocket Dimension (Podcast)
Our House Records Vol. 1
In collaboration with Elle Terese & Austen Jacobs, this cover was a work of joint passion. The small but capable record label, Our House Records was present during the amazing Bay Area electro/techno boom of the late 00's/early 10's. This first compilation featuring Niteppl, Realboy, and Dynamics was the first of the OHR Volumes. With Austen's stellar logo featured front and center, Elle Terese's awesome city orb surrounding, and my photography & typography, this image became an iconic start to some really memorable years of the SF music scene. 
New Epoch Some Things Never Change
Amie Penwell Under City Lights
Good Company Come By The Hills

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