Photography was my first artistic love. From the moment I picked up a hand-me-down camera my father gave me in middle school, I was hooked. From photographing my friends skateboarding, to my first professional model shoots, my journey with the still image has been a transformative one. Each shoot is a puzzle, each set of photos, a chronicle of solving that puzzle together with its subject. It is truly the medium that calls to me most, and one I hope to ever endeavor to better myself in. 
The Good Collective is a female-owned & operated jewelry company based in the small but wonderful town of Arcata, California. The small but incredible team of women there have built something truly special. I'm grateful to be a part of it and to be their sole photographer. From Catalog images, to website assets, to email marketing campaigns, I do it all. Each model is also a core member of their team. Some are product designers, some shipping supervisors, or production managers, and yet all of them are featured in the imagery for the company. I think that's pretty special, and I love bringing that energy to light when working with this incredible team. 
Lifestyle & On Model Work
Lay-down & Hero Photography
Product Model Alts 
Product Silhouettes & Heroes
Dress Up
Dress up was an experiment in Kitsch and Glam. Emulating the work of Sophie Wanninger and her work with the German / Chinese electronic music project, C.O.W., these images are over the top, full of color and cheap glitz. The process was a furthering of my experimentation with studio lighting and was an incredibly fun and cathartic photo shoot. 
Forward Until Dawn
This multimedia project was an imagined vision of an interstellar future for humanity. A glimpse at
a utopian expansion to the stars in which a multicultural, harmonious human race finds itself living
in peace and prosperity on other worlds. The scenery and poses exist to
beckon the viewer to the join in the journey. 
Self Portraits - Stumbling Upwards
One of my first dives into experimental studio lighting, this series was a playful and free-flowing plunge into the world of portrait lighting. While not my finest work, I loved utilizing remote triggers and exploring the space to capture some pretty exciting light in a pitch black room... showing the weirder, goofier sides of myself and stumbling upon some really fun shots.
Environmental Portraits
This project examined a person within their different spaces. Using a typological approach, I shot images of the same people in 4 different environments attempting to capture through the surrounding decor and physical objects, a glimpse at their different personas that they adorn throughout a given day. Eliminating variance in angle, facial expression, & pose, I strove to let the viewers eyes fixate on the environments and the subtle, almost mundane detail of their surroundings. 
Go To Work
Go To Work was a project pairing people and portraits with spaces and textures. In this typological study, I interviewed local business owners & workers in their workspaces. We'd discuss their day to day and their place of work. I snapped images of them during interviews. After the interview and shoot, I'd explore their work space, often finding a bit of abstract pattern, texture, or a feature of their business that might not immediately be apparent or represent the business. A piece of their day to day environment that might lend us some insight into what these people's daily experience is.
Here are some selected highlights. 

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